1. Job security

Ironic number 1, yes! Let’s be honest: insurance isn’t going anywhere. As long as risks exist, individuals will always need insurance. There will always be someone looking to protect their health, their property, or their family after their death. The possibility of sales isn’t fading anytime soon. A career in insurance is a smart choice for your family’s long-term personal and financial goals. Plus, insurance jobs can help you improve your quality of life without too much lingering stress.

2. High pay potential

The insurance industry offers some of the most impressive benefits that you won’t find everywhere. It stayed strong during and even after the pandemic—far more than what most other industries can promise. The insurance industry also boasts competitive salaries. It’s a stable industry, so you can also count on getting paid on time!   

If you’re wondering how much insurance agents make, it’d be tricky to put a number on it. But the sky’s the limit for anyone in insurance sales. You’ll basically earn a commission or a percentage of the total insurance premium the insurer is paid. It greatly depends on your finding your niche and how best to connect with customers.

3. Low barriers of entry

The low entry barriers make insurance sales a good career choice for people transitioning into a new career. Unlike other finance-related professions, it doesn’t require prior experience either! It only takes a few weeks or months to prepare for the state licensing exam, pass it, and start selling.

4. Abundant entry-level opportunities

Insurance sales offers a variety of work for insurance agents. There also won’t be the monotony of having to do the same work over and over again. Becoming a captive agent is also relatively simple—you simply have to pass a sales aptitude test. Even degrees, additional experience, and career certificates in a business-related field can help you land a job. You don’t have to be an expert to get into the industry as an agent or adjuster

5. Work for yourself

A career in insurance sales is quite flexible and allows agents to easily work remotely. It’s ideal if a 9-to-5 lifestyle isn’t for you. Whether you’re an independent or captive agent, you can schedule and reschedule appointments to accommodate your clients and yourself. Going independent also gives you the flexibility to sell a larger variety of products. You can use this to your advantage, better match your customers’ needs and earn their trust.  

Insurance jobs aren’t just flexible with the work that you do. With enough experience, you can even become an insurance broker. You can run your own business selling policies from different insurance agencies. Running your own shop is a path you can choose as a captive agent or broker.   

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